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Just A Farmer - a note from Simon Lyndon the Director

In envisioning "Just A Farmer," my goal extends beyond filmmaking—it's a heartfelt journey to melt the scars etched in our hearts through the art of storytelling. Reflecting on the wisdom of a mentor, I find resonance in the Vedas, which speak of imprints in our hearts, forming circular patterns that perpetuate trauma. To melt the heart, then, becomes a process of clearing these imprints and healing the scars.

This story, rooted in the authentic lifestyle of those living and working in farming Australia, resonates with a poignant truthfulness. It's as beautiful as it is painful, capturing the courage of Alison, the innocence of children, the resilience of animals, and the tireless commitment of farmers. The film delves into the unspoken nuances of life—the stillness of a sunrise over paddocks, the dedication of those feeding our communities, and the laughter, and tears.

Beyond showcasing this authenticity, I aim to bring forth truthful performances from each actor, reflecting the reality of life and the repression inherent in dealing with grief. The subtle language of humanity, often conveyed through the unspoken word, is a focal point—highlighting the depth of human emotion and connection. Through "Just A Farmer," my aspiration is to offer more than a narrative; it's a call to inspire conversations, break the silence around mental health, and, in doing so, clear the imprints and melt hearts.

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I’m eagar to see the fruits of Lyndon at the helm. He has been easy to have an affection for on screen in everything he has done. He’s as raw and authentic as it gets in an actor. 🙏


What a heatfelt message this film conveys. I have been priviliged to meet Bernie and Tom. Tom sold me a whip, that I bought for its intricate weaving and exquisite craftmanship. Country values.

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