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Film Genre: Drama


"Just A Farmer" is a compelling drama that authentically portrays the impact of suicide on a rural Australian family, shedding light on critical mental health issues in farming communities. The film celebrates the resilience of farmers' wives and community support amidst heartbreak, set against the captivating backdrop of rural Victoria.

Film Synopsis

Alison, left to manage an ailing farm and an alcoholic father-in-law after her husband's sudden death, navigates the challenges of rural life. The film explores generational trauma, love, loss, and the undeniable resilience of a farming community in the face of tragedy.

Unique Proposition

"Just A Farmer" merges seasoned Australian talents with emerging voices, presenting an unparalleled cinematic representation of authentic rural farming life. It's a unique blend of captivating storytelling that resonates universally.

Emotional Appeal

The film is more than a narrative; it's a testament to the resilience of farming families. It addresses mental health, generational trauma, and the struggles of rural life with warmth and heart—a universal story with a powerful emotional connection.

Impact Vision

The film is a catalyst for conversation and change. It captures the essence of Australian farming, addresses mental health gaps in remote regions, and aims to save lives by elevating awareness and fostering dialogue.

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